Your Guide to Proper Supplementation

When it comes to buying supplements you must consider some guidelines in order to get the best brand available for your particular reasons or condition. As with any product on the marketplace, you’ll encounter quality vitamin brands and those that are anything but effective no matter how affordable or expensive the product might be.

If you buy, for instance, an electrical appliance, you’ll soon know whether or not it works, however, if you buy certain vitamins, multi-vitamin supplements, herbs, minerals, etc., it’ll take you some time or you may never know at all whether or not that supplement is working for you.

And there are a number of reasons for this.

1. The quality of the product, of course.
2. Its potency
3. How often and how long the supplement is taken
4. How healthy or unhealthy the person is
5. The right supplement for the right condition

One of the things that tends to confuse most health conscious vitamin shoppers is how to recognize and where to find quality supplements. As with food, not all edible things found in supermarkets are the same, a conventional carrot and a local organic one are not the same even though they look the same.

Such is the case with nutritional supplements, not all vitamin brands are created equal.


Characteristics of LOW QUALITY supplements:

  1. Additives, preservatives, flavorings, colorings in ingredients
  2. High quantity but low dosage in supplement
  3. Low cost= Low quality and effectiveness
  4. Able to purchase without doctors license


Characteristics of HIGH QUALITY supplements:

  1. Pharmaceutical grade- this guarantees potency and effectiveness. Getting what you’re paying for
  2. No additives, colorings, sugars, preservatives- toxic free supplement
  3. All organic ingredients- inorganic compounds decrease your benefits
  4. Purchase via doctor


Where NOT to buy your supplements:

  1. Pharmacies- are outlets for drugs not vitamins. Quality and potency are issues here.
  2. Supermarkets- purchase your food to incorporate into healthy lifestyle. Quality is issue here.
  3. Big Box stores- bargain supplements are not effective and filled with fillers and additives.
  4. GNC/Vitamin Shoppe- goal is sales (quantity) not quality.

A supplement is meant to do just that…supplement or help your body to overcome deficiencies or conditions that you are encountering.  You were created to get what you need from your diet but in these days that is difficult to accomplish, thus the need for high quality supplementation to bridge the gap and not break the bank account buying everything organic. 


We are a “less is more” clinic when it comes to supplementation.  The only supplements you are recommended are to correct current deficiencies and prevent further conditions.  Your supplementation as well as your overall health should be re-evaluated to ensure you are getting exactly what you need to express your full health potential.