In case you missed the TIME Magazine May 2016 issue they went into some very shocking numbers.  The numbers behind the pain that Americans are suffering with.  This issue goes much deeper than your occasional Advil or Tylenol.  In the article they went through the total prescriptions dispensed in the US in 2015:

4.4 Billion (That’s an average of 14 RX medications per American) Roughly half of Americans take Prescription medications.  Pharmaceutical companies’ revenues rose 8.5% from drugs last year.  There are 7,000 potential drugs in development and over 250 new vaccines going through acceptance.  The United States spending on medications is forecasted to range from $610 billion to $640 billion by year 2020.  When did we start spending more on medications than we do on the U.S. Military budget? When are Americans going to stand up to this corrupt system?  It’s a business not a healthcare system!!!


Deaths from prescription drug overdoses have been called the “silent epidemic” for years.  One American is dying every 19 minutes from an accidental prescription drug overdose, it’s being described as “the biggest man-made epidemic in the United States.” One of the most commonly abused drug classes is pain-killers (opioids) like morphine, codeine, oxycodone, hydrocodone and fentanyl. These drugs are not only addictive, they can lead to slowed breathing and death if too much is taken.

Americans consume 80 percent of the pain pills in the world, and once you start, they set off a cascade of reactions in your body that make it difficult to stop.  This is the same classification that have taken many of the stars we have come to know and love like the recent loss of “Prince” to opioids.


Fatal prescription drug overdoses actually surpassed car crashes as the leading cause of accidental death in 2007. Many of the overdoses (36%) involve prescription opioid painkillers, which were actually the cause of more overdose deaths than heroin and cocaine combined.  In 2009, nearly 29,000 people died from unintentional drug overdoses, which is the equivalent of losing an airplane carrying 150 passengers and crew every day for nearly 6.5 months. How long would it take to change this if it were planes causing these deaths and who would be held responsible?  All to often we look for the quick fix of a prescription or for a needle to try and prevent disease.


Come join us this Friday June 10th as we help to share a shocking documentary “Vaxxed” that exposes CDC corruption and goes through flawed research.  The film will be playing at the Terrace Theater 1956 D Maybank Hwy Charleston, SC 29412 starting this Friday and running through June 16th at the earliest.  After seeing this documentary in Atlanta I am very excited to bring it here to Charleston.  My two girls are the reason I help to support every parent’s right to medical choice.  As we continue to lose that right we will not see return of disease but the continuing rise of more debilitating and deadly diseases.  Please Join FB group “Vaxxed Charleston” for more information.  Thanks